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Our children’s farm has goats, a pony, cows, pigs, horses, rabbits, donkeys, chickens, sheep and many different types of aviary birds. We also have several Dutch breeds of pets. In this way, we make every effort to contribute toward preserving these breeds. The animals are given as much room as possible, which gives them the opportunity to live in a natural manner. This environment promotes their health and well-being while we ensure a minimum impact on the environment.

The animal feed is organic and locally produced wherever possible. Therefore, the animals may not be fed with self-brought food.

All animals can bite, kick, push or peck if you do not respond well to what they 'say' to you with their behaviour. Therefore, always give the animals room to walk away from you if they no longer want to be petted or touched.

Dogs are welcome on the grounds of De Helderse Vallei but they must be kept on a leash at all times and remain outside the animal enclosure and animal grazing areas.

(Children´s) activities

(Children´s) activities are organised at the children´s farm on a regular basis! For example, children can help at the children´s farm during school holidays. Text on the calendar is provided in Dutch since all our activities are offered in Dutch.


De Helderse Vallei has been realized thanks to the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas.