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Rabbits and guinea pigs

Rabbits and guinea pigs
Name: Rabbits and guinea pigs
Born:various dates
Geboorteplaats:Den Helder
Breed:Various breeds, such as Flemish Giant and smaller Hollanders
Weight:Rabbits 1 - 6 kilos and guinea pigs approx. 500 grams
Height:10 - 50 cm
Children:Rabbits have a gestation period of approx. 30 days and deliver bald young rabbits that still need a lot of help from the mother rabbit (the doe). Guinea pigs have a gestation period of approx. 70 days and their young are born covered with hair.
Feed:Pellets, hay or grass silage. Extra vitamins for the guinea pigs and vegetables such as carrots and beets every now and then. They also enjoy apples.


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