Name: Birds
Born: various dates
Geboorteplaats: Den Helder
Breed: Pigeons, Java Sparrow, Song Canary, Zebra Finch, Diamond Dove, Japanese Gull, Dwarf Parrot, Collared Parakeet, Bourke's Parakeet, Scarlet-chested Parakeet, Cockatiel, Budgerigar
Weight: From 10 to 300 grams
Height: From 6 to 20 cm
Children: Birds lay eggs
Feed: Parakeet seed, parrot seed and finch seed. Every few days they get egg food and sometimes an apple.
Communication: All animals can bite/peck you if you don't respond properly to what they are ‘telling’ you with their behaviour.


De Helderse Vallei has been realized thanks to the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas.