Name: Dwarf goats and Dutch Pied goat 'Kleine Teun'
Born: various dates / Kleine Teun on 15 September 2021
Geboorteplaats: Den Helder
Breed: Lakenvelder dwarf goat / Dutch Pied goat
Weight: 40 kg (dwarf goats) / 50 - 70 kg (Dutch Pied goat)
Height: 50 - 60 cm (dwarf goats) / 70 - 80 cm (Dutch Pied goat)
Children: 1 to 3 kids per litter, sometimes even 4 or 5 kids per litter (dwarf goats) / usually 1 kid (Dutch Pied goat)
Feed: Goat feed pellets, hay or silage, carrots, beets and sometimes an apple.
Communication: If a goat runs away or pushes you away with its horns, it does not want to be petted. The large black and white goats are quiet animals and easy to care for. They are just as happy to be petted as the dwarf goats. If they feel harassed, they will defend themselves by butting with the head. And then we have our other goats: Fleur (born on 4 June 1996) and Maarten (born on 20 July 2017). They have been bottle-fed and are used to being around people. That is why they share a stall at the petting zoo rather than running loose with the other goats. They are cocky little animals and get along very well with each other.


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