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De Helderse Vallei contributes toward sustainable use of nature and the environment for a green and liveable Den Helder and environs and is intended for everyone: young and old, resident and visitor and tourist and recreational user. At the Visitors’ Centre and the farm is an Esdégé-Reigersdaal day centre and forest rangers from Landschap Noord-Holland have their office and storage there.


At De Helderse Vallei, Esdégé-Reigersdaal offers day care to people with multiple disabilities. Supports clients during coffee breaks, provides maintenance work and various odd jobs for events.
The Landscape North Holland Foundation  manages various nature reserves in North Holland and has De Helderse Vallei as its operating base with office space, storage facilities and a workshop. A large and active group of volunteers from the Landscape North Holland Foundation organises excursions in the area around De Helderse Vallei.

The facilities of De Helderse Vallei are also used by other organisations. They contribute to the management of the grounds. The KNNV manages a butterfly garden, the Den Helder Bird Working Group maintains a bird garden and the North Holland North Bee Association tends to a bee hive in our bee tree. De Eendragt Windmill Association has placed a small windmill that provides clean wind energy. Projects are carried out on a regular basis with the help of various service clubs from Den Helder. For example, JCI 't Nieuwe Diep has completed the chicken coup and Barefoot Path.

De Helderse Vallei has been realized thanks to the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas.