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There is plenty to do and discover on the grounds of De Helderse Vallei! 

For example, there are several play areas and discovery sites, such as a maze of willows, a tree trunk route, a sweets maze, a toddler area with sandbox, a slide and a bird’s nest swing. A water pump and haystack are also on site to play with natural materials such as sand, water and straw. For children, various scavenger hunts can be acquired at the Visitors’ Centre and families can do the 'Fox trail' scavenger hunt on the grounds.

Behind the Visitors’ Centre is a willow gazebo where a wedding can be held. There is also the Barefoot Path, where nature in Den Helder can be experienced in miniature! There is a wild flower garden and a bird garden with a bee tree, an array of hedgehogs, an insect hotel and several nesting boxes. Inspiration for an herb garden and vegetable gardening can be found on the terrace at the Visitors’ Centre. De Eendragt Windmill Association has placed a small windmill at the children’s farm that provides clean wind energy. A weather station, water level indicator and sundial are also on site.

There are three animal enclosures, a sheep pasture, a goat yard and a deer meadow, where various animals can be seen. The goat yard is accessible to visitors. Via a bridge, a crossing can be made from De Helderse Vallei to Mariendal, which has a play forest where children can play with natural materials.

If you arrive on horseback, you can attach your horse to the Horse-P in front of the Visitors’ Centre.
Just outside the grounds of De Helderse Vallei is an observation tower, where you can enjoy stunning views of the city!

The surrounding Mariendal nature reserve has always been a magnificent recreational area, where dogs can run loose, athletes can jog or cycle and children can play. In 2016, more facilities were added, such as an exciting part of the ATB path, more benches, a play beach and a spot where huts can be built between the trees in nature!  For more information on the Nature & Environs of De Helderse Vallei, such as bicycle routes and walking trails, click here!

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De Helderse Vallei has been realized thanks to the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas.