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Nature reserves

Nature reserves

Den Helder has several nature reserves which are more than worth a visit!

From De Helderse Vallei you can visit:

  • The 'Donkere Duinen’ woodland, a mixed forest with a choice of walking routes. If you continue through this forest, you can also reach the beach and the sea via the Donkere Duinen beach access path.
  • The Mariëndal nature reserve, which is crossed by several walking routes and also offers cycle routes.
  • The 'Nieuw Mariëndal’ nature reserve, a vast nature area of ponds and marshland where you can stroll to your heart's content and enjoy the sight of Scottish Highland cows grazing.
  • The Helderse Dunes (De Helderse Duinen):
    * The dunes of 'De Grafelijkheidsduinen’, a beautiful expanse of dunes with meandering footpaths that eventually take you to Huisduinen and Fort Kijkduin. The Scottish Highland cows and Koniks horses graze here and keep the area tidy.
    * The highly unusual dunes of the 'De Noordduinen', which are literally 'grey' because they contain mosses and lichens. These dunes are also well-known due to the presence of a rare migratory bird, the 'wheatear', and an extensive rabbit population.
  • Slightly further away, but also well worth a visit, is the Wadden Sea, which has been designated one of the Netherlands' 'World Heritage Sites'. More information can be found here: www.beleefdewaddennatuur.nl.
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De Helderse Vallei has been realized thanks to the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas.