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Seal or sea creature

Seal or sea creature

Have you found a seal or some other sea creature?

Found a seal?

1. Keep your distance from the seal and make sure others follow suit.
2. Keep dogs away.
3. In the case of pups: look around to see if the mother is in sight.
4. Call the seal rescue centre - Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen on +31 (0)595-526526 or ASeal on +31 (0)88 2747795 - and tell them as precisely as possible where the animal is.

Found a dolphin or porpoise?

1. Do not push the animal back into the sea.
2. Keep the blowhole on its head clear. Prevent water or sand from getting in.
3. Make sure you are quiet; walk slowly and calmly, keep people and dogs at a distance.
4. Cool the animal with water and wet cloths and provide shade.
5. Call SOS Dolfijn on + 31 (0)665098576 and take good care of the animal until the dolphin ambulance arrives.

This information comes from https://www.ecomare.nl/bruinvis-zeehond-nood/

Some other sea creature?

Have you found some other sea creature or don't know what to do?
Call the animal ambulance, Dierenambulance Den Helder-Hollands Kroon, on +31 (0)651697115.

Unfortunately, the Wildlife Sanctuary cannot take care of these animals.

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