Frequently asked questions

  • Are dogs welcome?
    Yes, dogs are welcome at De Helderse Vallei, but must be on a leash at all times and kept outside the animal enclosure and the animal pastures.
  • What do the animals eat?
    The feed we give the animals is suitable for the specific types of animal, organic and locally produced as much as possible . So you are not permitted to feed the animals yourself.
  • Are you permitted to feed the farm animals?
    No, certain foods (such as bread and some vegetables) are harmful to the health of our animals. We give all our animals a balanced diet of organic feeds, supplemented with vegetables from the region. So, to keep our animals healthy, you are not permitted to feed them food you have brought in with you. Thank you for your kind cooperation!
  • Do you take in animals?
    No: we receive almost daily requests from owners asking us to take in an animal because they no longer want or are unable to keep their rabbit, guinea pig, chicken/cocks, birds or goats themselves. However we do not take in animals. Our animals live in established groups and other animals cannot simply be added. If you have an animal that you can no longer keep yourself, please contact an animal shelter.
  • Do you also sell animals?
    No, we do not sell any of our animals to private individuals.
  • Is there a ban on smoking and drinking alcohol at the city farm?
    De Helderse Vallei banned smoking in all areas on 19 April 2019. Smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes) is not permitted in our buildings, stalls, in the grounds and during our activities (even if these take place outside our grounds). This sets a good example for our young visitors and encourages the emergence of a completely non-smoking generation. More information is available here:
    Alcohol may not be consumed in the grounds or buildings of De Helderse Vallei.
  • I lost something during my last visit. Did you find it perhaps?
    We regularly find lost items, such as coats, sunglasses and toys. We keep these items for 2 weeks and then take them to the thrift shop or give-away shop. More information is available at the front desk in the Visitor Centre.
  • Do you sell refreshments?
    Yes, the Visitor Centre in De Helderse Vallei has a coffee corner where you can buy a range of hot and cold beverages (also to take away). In addition to beverages, we also sell ice cream and various savoury and sweet snacks, such as cookies, apples, raisins and chocolate. All the products are organic. We have a soy ice cream in the range and several products are gluten-free.
  • Can I use a debit card?
    Yes, you can pay with your debit card for any purchases you make in the Visitor Centre at De Helderse Vallei.

De Helderse Vallei has been realized thanks to the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas.